Sprinter Spray System – Standard Features Example

Capacity: 512G
Chassis: Sprinter 4500, High Roof, 170″ Wheel Base
Gross Vehicle Weight : 12,125 lbs.
Payload: 6,200 lbs.
Reels, Exclusive GPS Custom Design: (1) 5/8″, 300′ length hose (Other options available)
Tanks: (2) 56G Full Drain Application/Mix Tank, 400G Nurse/Application Tank
Pumps: Delta 140 – 36gpm and 700psi, Appropriately sized electric start engine, 12G gas tank for gas engine, diesel direct to fuel tank, Electric Transfer Pump – 45gpm
Gun: Udor Turbo (15gpm) & Long Gun – 30gpm, up to 75′

Additional Features Of Optimized Arborist’s Sprinter Includes:

  1. Vapor-Proof Divider – separates driver area from spray compartment
  2. Protective Lining on Walls, Floors, Bulkhead, and Doors
  3. Power Roof Vent
  4. Njekt System (Not Included – Additional Fee)
  5. 110 Volt Inverter
  6. Hand Wash Tank and Sink
  7. Small Item Shelf
  8. Large Item Shelf
  9. Interior Lighting Package
  10. Strobe Lights – Front and Rear
  11. Compressed Air Manifold Blow Out System
  12. Fork Plumbing Fittings for easy maintenance and weatherization
  13. Tank Drains – All Tanks
  14. Hose Reel Quick Connects – easily exchange spray guns
  15. Custom Retractable Hose Management System
  16. Air Gap Fill System
  17. Backpack Fill and Equipment Wash System