Advances in the 21st Century PHC Delivery System

Green Pro is committed to continuous improvement. And that improvement is based on feedback
from our most ardent supporters, the spray technicians. We are rolling out the latest upgrades and
improvements to what many have told us is the most advanced, inclusive, and forward-thinking spray
system available today.

Njekt Soil Injection System – Based on Arborist’s field reports, this tool blows the competition away. Make $1,000’s of additional dollars per day with this super producer.

Njekt Soil Injection System
Njekt Soil Injection System

Additional Hose Reel – Add an additional 1/2″ or 5/8″ reel to the rear or the side of your Sprinter.

Remote Rewind – Make life easier and faster. Punch a button from up to 400′ away to rewind your hose.

Remote Rewind &
Additional Hose Reels

80-Gallon Tank – Another tank always comes in handy.

80-Gallon Tank

High Velocity Fan – 1900CFM keeps you and your equipment cool. Multi- directional. In addition to the thermostatically controlled van included in the base price.

High Velocity Fan

Rear Step – This second step provides an extra level of safety.

The Closet – Be amazed at the almost unimaginable amount of floor to ceiling storage. Pails, Jugs, Tips & Pour – almost anything you take has a place in this 6-tier locker with adjustable shelves.

The Closet

Yanmar 3-Cylinder Diesel – Work until the end of time, or at least until you retire. Connects to Sprinter fuel tank. Unlimited, quiet smooth power is well worth the investment.

Yanmar Engine