The Future of Spray Trucks!

Why are arborists flocking to the new 21st Century Sprinter?

There are a host of reasons. Because the Sprinter incorporates all of the latest technology, it can do as any or more applications per day than the largest sprayers, but with a much smaller initial investment and lower operating cost. (Think 20 mpg!) Plus, it is more maneuverable, drives almost like a car, has great marketing potential and more storage than you can imagine.

  • 400G Application/Nurse tank and (2) 56G mix/application tanks. (Other tank options available.)
  • All operations at rear or curbside, including fill.
  • Electrical Systems are easy to use, easy to trouble shoot, and will not drain the truck‚Äôs charging system.
  • 20 or 36 gpm pumps are driven by gas or high performing, low maintenance diesel engines.
  • Njekt Soil Injection Systems can be installed to increase the efficiency, flexibility and profitability.
  • Additional great features are: easy to learn and use controls; the sink, storage and hand wash area.

If you click here, you can read a report that further describes what 21st Century PHC really looks like and all of the ways that you, your company, your customers and your employees benefit. It is a short read, just a few minutes. But it could change your life.